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Ahron Klein

Responder Level: EMT

City: Bnei Brak

About Ahron Klein

Ahron, a father of two who lives in Bnei Brak, works in the security field for the Israeli government. Many years ago, as a volunteer for Zaka, Ahron would arrive at the site of terrorist attacks or serious road accidents to retrieve the remains of the deceased.  Often he would find himself beside seriously injured individuals, but did not know how to help them. This deeply disturbed Ahron. So one day, he enrolled in an EMT course. Today, he has been volunteering for United Hatzalah for over 10 years.

One of Ahron’s more memorable calls occurred on a Friday afternoon as he rode on the highway.  Suddenly, Ahron saw plumes of fire rising into the air just up the road.  He raced to the scene, arriving in 60 seconds!  Ahron found a two car collision, where both vehicles had burst into flames.  One driver had escaped his car, but the other vehicle contained two people trapped inside.  There was no time to lose.  Ahron’s adrenalin went into overdrive as he desperately kicked and pullee the driver’s door until it finally opened.  He immediately extricated the 58 year-old driver, who began hysterically screaming, “Get my son out!  He’s in the car!”  Despite the danger, the dedicated medic ran around the car and began kicking and pulling the passenger door.  After long crucial seconds later, he finally succeeded in prying the door open.  Ahron cut the seatbelt with his rescue shears and with the help on a passing soldier, extricated the unconscious 19 year-old, who was burnt on 50 % of his body.  For 10 minutes, Ahron single handedly performed CPR on the pulseless young man until he was joined by other United Hatzalah medics. Fifteen minutes later, the team succeeded in restoring the man’s pulse and they immediately transferred him to the intensive care ambulance which had just arrived.

The young man spent three months in Tel HaShomer hospital followed by over two years in a hospital in Boston where he underwent numerous operations.  The mother of the young man eventually began a search for the medic who rescued her son.  By following news and police reports, her trail led her to United Hatzalah, who directed her to Ahron.  More than two years after the accident, she finally had the opportunity to emotionally thank the medic who had risked his life to save her precious son.

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