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Amos Sa’ada

Responder Level: EMT

City: Acre

About Amos Sa’ada

Amos is the storeroom manager in an aluminum factory and lives with his wife and two children in Acre. An important part of his job is worker safety. Over the years, Amos has encountered a wide degree of work accidents, including numerous cuts and head wounds, as well as partially and fully severed limbs. He realized that he could have a greater impact on the safety and well-being of his employees if he upgraded his medical skills. As he researched his options. Amos saw an advert for a United Hatzalah EMT course and immediately signed up. As a full EMT, Amos now provides rapid and professional treatment to all those in his vicinity, be it in the workplace, his neighborhood, or wherever he may be.

One day, Amos’s family joined up with some friends and went on a day trip. Their pleasant outing was abruptly interrupted when one of his friend’s children, who had been sucking on an ice cube, started gasping for breath. Amos sprang from his seat, grabbed the child, positioned him carefully and using the skills he had learned in his EMT course, swiftly dislodged the ice cube. The child immediately began to breathe normally and within seconds was back to himself. Amos’s friends had heard about his life saving activities with United Hatzalah, but now after having been the beneficiaries of his activities, they gained a deeper appreciation for it. After all, seeing is believing!


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