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Etty Salomon

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Etty Salomon

Etty always dreamt of being involved with medicine. Both of her parents were sickly when she was growing up and Etty took on the role of caretaker until her parents passed away when she was just 17 and 19 years old. Life got in the way of her dream of working in medicine and Etty worked as a banker for almost twenty years. When she was 40, married and with a family, Etty decided she would make her dream come true. An EMT course was opening with United Hatzalah and she enrolled. Etty passed successfully and has now been an active volunteer for over 5 years. Her volunteer activities has given her a deep appreciation of the circle of life and helps her keep life in perspective. After she saved the life of Avraham Levi (pictured here) he decided to donate a lifesaving defibrillator.

Shortly thereafter, Etty was on the way to her daughter’s end-of-year party when she was alerted that a volunteer was performing CPR and requested someone to come with a defibrillator. Momentarily, she felt torn. She had things her daughter needed for her party in the car yet she had a defibrillator and here was a life-and-death situation. She couldn’t just carry on to the party. Etty sped to the address and joined the resuscitation effort. Her defibrillator administered shocks, the ambulance crew arrived, and for forty minutes they fought to save the woman’s life. Incredibly, the woman suddenly regained a pulse, started breathing, and returned to consciousness! Such a rapid recovery is extremely unusual and Etty was joyful as she rushed to the party. She was inexcusably late and her daughter was not at all happy (she didn’t speak to her for a week) but she had saved the woman’s life.

A week later Etty decided to visit the woman in her convalescent home. She barely recognized the smartly dressed and made-up woman, having seen her last on the floor and close to death. Amazingly, the woman also recognized her! She had been Etty’s teacher years ago in high school. Etty cried from emotion. She had gone through a very difficult time following her parents’ deaths and had been close to dropping out of school. This teacher encouraged her and gave her strength to finish her education and live a successful life. Now, Etty had paid her back in the greatest possible way and gave Avraham Levi the best possible return on his investment.

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