Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Ido Nechushtan

Responder Level: EMT and Ten Kavod

City: Givat Shmuel

About Ido Nechushtan

Ido is married with 3 children and lives in Givat Shmuel, a suburb of Tel Aviv. In addition, Ido volunteers for the United Hatzalah Ten Kavod Program, which provides well-visits to the at-risk elderly and Holocaust survivors.  

Ido’s passion for lifesaving follows him wherever he goes. On a recent trip to visit family in Germany, he was shopping in Munich with his wife (who is also a nurse and United Hatzalah volunteer). Suddenly, they heard shouts and knew intuitively that someone needed their help. Without hesitating, they approached the huddle of passers-by and offered their assistance. Ido was proudly wearing his United Hatzalah cap with its Jewish Star of David, identifying him as an EMT.  He and his wife began CPR on a pulseless man and called for someone to bring a defibrillator from a nearby store. The husband wife duo worked in well-trained harmony, continuing the CPR and administering defibrillator shocks until the ambulance arrived.

Together they were successful in bringing a random German citizen back to life on the historic pave stones of the Marienplatz.  Aside from the bittersweet irony of young Israeli Jews saving lives in Germany, was the fact that United Hatzalah dispatch was using Israeli technology to locate and document the entire event from its headquarters in Jerusalem. A proprietary GPS dispatch app on his smartphone kept Ido in constant communication. When the incident was over another couple came over and said “We know United Hatzalah is fast in Israel, we just didn’t know you could reach Germany!”

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