Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Josh Wander

Responder Level: EMT

City: Ma'ale Zeitim

About Josh Wander

Josh is a public relations director for an organization that enhances services on the Mount of Olives.  He lives in Ma’ale Zeitim with his wife, Tali, also a United Hatzalah volunteer, and their six children.  Josh is the only Jewish member on the United Hatzalah East Jerusalem squad, saving both Jewish and Arab lives together with his Arab colleagues.  His passion for lifesaving was kindled when he was the online editor of the Jerusalem Post.  He often raced to accidents or terror attacks to cover the story.  However, once there, he felt he pained at not being able to help the victims.  He decided that he and his staff would learn basic first aid to assist the victims until professional medical personnel arrived. Today Josh is a full-fledged EMT and a very active United Hatzalah volunteer.

The Wanders were hosting a friend of theirs for Shabbat, who happened to be a brain surgeon.  They received an urgent alert << boy, fall from height, head wound>> in an adjacent Arab neighborhood.  Josh recruited his brain surgeon guest and the two raced to the address, arriving in 90 seconds!  They rushed through the hysterical crowd and found the boy, semi-conscious and bleeding profusely from his head.  The medic and doctor team swiftly stopped the boy’s bleeding, bandaged his wound and took vital signs.  Josh reassured the shaken family, while they carefully monitored the boy’s condition during the 30 minute wait for the ambulance.  The grateful family thanked and blessed Josh and his friend, “Shukra, Shukra” many times over. When it comes to lifesaving, barriers of hostility and mistrust give way bridges of healing and hope.

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