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Natan Merav

Responder Level: EMT

City: Tzfat

About Natan Merav

Natan is a school teacher and lives with his wife and three children in Tzfat.  For the past five years Natan has responded to countless emergency calls in his area, often riding his ambucycle through the narrow streets and alleyways of the ancient city in order to save lives.  However, Natan’s lifesaving activities don’t end in Tzfat…

It was after midnight and Natan was returning home with his wife from a family event.  As he was driving along the highway, he saw two crumpled cars on the side of the road.  At first glance, it looked like an old accident where the victims had long since been evacuated.  However this caring volunteer decided to stop to check, just to be sure.  As he approached, he was shocked to see several panicked people who had been in the wrecked cars.  Natan immediately reported the accident to United Hatzalah dispatch center and then proceeded to do a quick combing of the area for any seriously injured victims.  Suddenly, he heard someone yelling, “Come here, the child, the child!”  Natan ran over and found two car seats with tiny children in them.  One looked back at him with blinking eyes while the other was ominously still.  Natan quickly checked for pulse and finding none, immediately began CPR.  Suddenly a man appears at Natan’s side and informs him he is a doctor.  The physician looks at the child, checks his pupils and says “I don’t see any reason to continue the resuscitation”.  Natan replies, “Look, this is a baby and he is still warm….I’m continuing” to which the doctor replies “Continue if you wish”.  Because of Natan’s perseverance, the baby’s pulse returned en route to the hospital!

Two weeks later Natan received a phone call from the grateful father of the child.  The choked up father could not find the right words to thank Natan, but he did request that Natan come and visit them.  This child survived the accident against all odds only because of this devoted volunteer’s passionate and compassionate approach to life saving. Natan’s willingness to fight for life, even when the chips are down, embodies the best of Israeli society and the United Hatzalah volunteers.

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