Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Nisim Yazdi

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Nisim Yazdi

Nisim works as a chef, lives with his wife and child in Jerusalem, and has been volunteering for United Hatzalah for 10 years. Many years ago, Nisim was at the Western Wall when a young woman suddenly collapsed.  No one present, including himself, knew what to do for the victim and the ambulance took an inordinate amount of time to reach the site.  Nisim resolved on the spot that he was going to learn emergency first aid so that the next time he would know what to do.

Years later, an eight year-old boy fell during a school trip and sustained a serious head wound. Nisim was driving to an out-of-town job when he was alerted to the incident.The scene of the accident was a valley often trekked by hikers and was a significant detour from his planned route.Nevertheless, Nisim radioed back he was on the way and began to drive on rural back roads, eventually finding the area. Grabbing his medical kit, he made the last leg of the trip by foot and was shocked when he saw that the injured boy was none other than his nephew. The experienced medic quickly and proficiently bandaged his young relative, stopping all bleeding in the process.  Uncle Nisim took vital signs and comforted his young nephew as they waited for a full 20 minutes longer for the ambulance to arrive.

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