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Oz Ginsburg

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Oz Ginsburg

Oz is an industrial engineer in the aircraft industry, a Jerusalem resident, and a former IDF combat medic. Having seen the importance of medical emergency response in the wartime environment, Oz felt compelled to use his skills to help people in times of peace as well.  Despite his demanding career, this altruistic volunteer makes himself available for medical emergencies at any time of day or night.  His wife is extremely proud of Oz’s lifesaving activities and is a constant source of support and encouragement.

One example of Oz’s many calls was regarding a next door neighbor who had suddenly lost partial muscle control.  Upon receiving the dispatch, Oz rushed out of his home and was at his neighbor’s door in 60 seconds!  The very agitated family was relieved at Oz’s lightning response and quickly ushered him to their 75 year-old mother.  After a brief examination, the experienced medic suspected a stroke and readied his oxygen tank, while carefully monitoring her vital signs and reassuring the frightened woman.  He radioed the ambulance, which was having trouble finding the exact address, and gave clear directions. The moment the ambulance arrived, Oz briefed the crew and the woman was transported to the hospital without delay.  The family expressed their deep gratitude to Oz for his rapid arrival, professional treatment and caring assistance in getting their mother to the hospital ASAP.

This humble and dedicated volunteer considers it a great privilege to be a part of United Hatzalah. In his own words, “to help people when they need it the most with no expectation of recompense except for completing the mission, is truly an honor.”

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