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Shlomo Deblinger

Responder Level: EMT

City: Kiryat Gat

About Shlomo Deblinger

Shlomo is an ambulette driver for a patient services organization, a father of five, and a United Hatzalah volunteer in the Kiryat Gat region.  While Shlomo sees how much the people he transports need his services, he always wished he could do more. When he saw an EMT course open up in his area, he immediately signed up. Racing to the scenes of emergencies, saving lives, and mitigating long-term distress is now a major part of Shlomo’s life.

One day, a young boy wandered off from his mother and found an interesting mud hole to play in.  The boy tripped, fell in, and began to drown in the viscous muck.  Fortunately, someone witnessed the incident and alerted United Hatzalah.  Upon receiving the dispatch, Shlomo bolted out his home, arriving on scene in two minutes!  The unconscious boy had just been pulled from the mire and the experienced medic immediately began CPR on the pulseless child.  Another United Hatzalah volunteer arrived and the duo performed chest compressions and systematic ventilations, keeping essential oxygen circulating to the child’s brain and throughout his little body, until the ambulance crew arrived and joined in the rescue effort, 12 minutes later.  After another 15 minutes of CPR, the boy’s pulse returned and he was rushed to the hospital.

Shlomo followed up on the boy and was overjoyed to hear that he had a full recovery. Knowing that this child would live a normal and productive life, not needing the regular transport services Shlomo provides to the ill and handicapped, was especially heartwarming.

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