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Shuki Becker

Responder Level: EMT

City: Ramot, Jerusalem

About Shuki Becker

Shuki lives in Ramot, Jerusalem and truly loves to save lives. Some years ago his brother-in-law was in a serious road accident, and he arrived on scene and was able to help. It gave him an even greater desire to to help people. By volunteering with United Hatzalah, Shuku now helps save lives every single day.

He is also a volunteer in United Hatzalah’s emergency room support program at Hadassah Medical Center. Once, there was a child in the ER who had sustained a deep cut to his head and was crying hysterically. It was very hard to comfort him, but Shuki spent a long time reassuring him until he calmed down. It really helped the staff and the parents were incredibly grateful. It is little things like this that really make a big difference.

One day, Shuki was at work when he received an urgent dispatch: “choking baby at … day-care center “.  He  bolted out of the building and raced to the nearby address, arriving in 90 seconds!

Shuki found a hysterical attendant and a crowd of people surrounding a toddler lying on the kitchen table.  The child’s face was ashen, eyes wide open and no sign of breathing.  The attendant told Shuki , between sobs, that the young child had been eating an apple when he began choking and then went silent.  The experienced medics recognized that a piece of the apple was blocking his airway and began to clear the obstruction and administer hi-flow oxygen. Within a minute, the boy’s color began returning to normal.  The medics carefully monitored the child’s condition and by the time the ambulance arrived, the boy’s color was almost back to normal and he was responding to his environment. Shuki briefed the ambulance crew and the boy was taken to the hospital for observation.

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