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Yehoshua Shitrit

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Yehoshua Shitrit

Yehoshua is a teacher in the historic Old City of Jerusalem and lives with his wife and 8 children in nearby Ma’ale Zeitim.  Yehoshua’s motivation to become a medical emergency responder comes from an age-old source; “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and “You shall not stand idly by your brother’s blood.” As a teenager, Yehoshua began volunteering for the local ambulance crew and his involvement in lifesaving activities have continued non-stop for the past 26 years.  Today, as a veteran United Hatzalah volunteer medic, Yehoshua faithfully serves the residents of the Old City and Mt. of Olives region day in and day out.


One day, Yehoshua was alerted to a neighbor who had signs of a stroke. Yehoshua raced out of his house and within 90 seconds was at the home of his 80 year-old neighbor.  As Yehoshua began to take the woman’s vital signs, she suddenly stopped breathing.  The experienced medic quickly administered assisted ventilations, pumping high flow oxygen to the woman’s lungs and throughout her body.  Within seconds, the woman’s breathing mechanism began to operate and minutes later, the woman’s lungs were functioning on their own.  The cautious medic continued the oxygen flow nonetheless and carefully monitored her condition until the ambulance arrived to evacuate her to the hospital.

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