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Yosef Henfling

Responder Level: EMT

City: Modi’in Illit

About Yosef Henfling

Yosef lives with his wife in Modi’in Illit and has been volunteering with United Hatzalah of Israel for over ten years. Yosef works as the manager of a public building maintenance company and responds day and night to a host of medical emergencies involving strangers, neighbors, and sometimes even good friends and family.

One Chanukah, Yosef was alerted to a stabbing attack. He raced to the scene to find one of the victims spurting blood from a serious neck wound.  As Yosef approached, the man suddenly cried out “Yossi Achi, Hatzilu! (Yossi, my brother! Save me!)”. It was none other than his dear brother who had been viciously slashed by a terrorist. The experienced medic suppressed his rising emotions while he expertly stopped the bleeding and bandaging the deep wound.  He reassured his brother that he would be fine and then helped transfer him to the ambulance.  Together with security forces, Yosef then began combing the area for other victims.  He treated several other victims and just when he thought the on-site treatment was finished, heard a hoarse, raspy sound, as if someone was desperately trying to breathe.  Yosef followed the sound, which lead him to the roof of an apartment building. He found a victim in a United Hatzalah jacket laying in a pool of blood, some of it already congealed.  Yosef immediately began to treat the victim, who was none other than his friend and colleague Aryeh, a fellow volunteer from his local United Hatzalah branch. Yosef radioed for additional help, and together with a local United Hatzalah doctor, intensely fought to save his friend’s life.  The medic-doctor team managed to stabilize Aryeh’s condition and he was whisked away to the hospital in critical condition.

Thankfully, Yosef’s brother and his friend Aryeh both survived the attack. Every Chanukah, Yosef participates in Aryeh’s “New Birthday,” when he was given a second chance at life due to Yosef’s alert and professional on-site treatment.

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