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Adham Besan

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jat

About Adham Besan

Adham is a proud Druze citizen of Israel and equally proud volunteer with United Hatzalah. He works as an engineer and lives with his wife Nura in the village of Jat. Adham joined United Hatzalah after a traumatic event that happened almost two years ago. Adham was next to his father when he suffered a heart attack. With no medical knowledge or equipment, Adham had no idea what to do. After his father’s death, Adham made the decision to prevent such things happening again. He trained as an EMT and recently started to volunteer in United Hatzalah.

One of Adham’s early emergency calls is one he will not forget any time soon.  He was alerted to a child who had drowned in a local swimming pool and he raced to the scene.  The unconscious child had been pulled from the water and lay motionless on the ground.  The experienced medic detected a faint pulse, but without oxygen this would not hold out much longer.  Adham whipped out his equipment and administered high-flow oxygen to the barely alive child.  His condition stabilized somewhat but he remained unconscious.  The intensive care ambulance had meanwhile arrived and Adham quickly briefed the crew and helped transfer the boy to the vehicle. Just then, the boy’s father approached them and touched the boy’s leg.  The distressed father asked with distinct fear in his voice, “Why is he cold?”  Adham began to explain the near miss but still seriousness of the situation when suddenly, the boy opened his eyes and Adham quickly reassured the father “He is awake and will be fine” . The father immediately showed palpable signs of relief.  The boy was rushed to the hospital and Adham contemplated the incredible recovery he had just been a part of.

It is incidents like these which give this devoted volunteer the motivation to use his newfound medical knowledge and ability to respond to all people who may find themselves in need.

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