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Ashraf Ihab

Responder Level: EMT

City: Haifa

About Ashraf Ihab

Ashraf Ihab works as a chef in the cafeteria of the Israeli Justice Department in Haifa and lives with his wife and 2 children in Nazareth.  His selfless desire to help any human being in need attracted him to United Hatzalah where he has been volunteering for the past 2 years.  Ashraf’s wife is his biggest supporter and source of encouragement.  Whenever he receives a call, she urges him to go quickly and save a life.

It was pre-dawn in the month of Ramadan.  Ashraf had a bit more time to sleep before he arose to begin his regular work day, despite fasting from dawn to dusk.  His deep sleep was abruptly interrupted by his wife’s shouts.  “Ashraf, our neighbor is screaming that her husband is not waking up! Go quickly!”  The devoted medic literally jumped out of bed, grabbed his medical kit and, while still in his pajamas, descended to the neighbor’s apartment.  Ashraf quickly checked for pulse and finding none, immediately began CPR.  Ashraf enlisted the help of a few neighbors and expertly instructed them how to assist with the strenuous chest compressions.  For a full 30 minutes, Ashraf and his makeshift crew performed the CPR, keeping essential oxygen flowing to the man’s brain and throughout his body until the ambulance finally arrived.  After more concerted efforts, the man’s pulse returned and he was rushed to the hospital in stable but serious condition.

Ashraf went off to work that day, exhausted but with the elated feeling of knowing that he had just saved a life.

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