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David Krispil

Responder Level: EMT

City: Mevasseret

About David Krispil

David Krispil lives in Mevasseret and is the father of a four year old son. He is the Director of Operations at United Hatzalah. Like many Israeli teenagers, David did a MDA medic course when he was 16 and volunteered with their ambulances for a few years before becoming a full fledged first responder. One day, David passed by the entrance of United Hatzalah’s dispatch center and decided to go inside and check it out. He became so enamored with United Hatzalah’s approach to life saving that he signed up for the next dispatcher course. David began working in the dispatch center and became a United Hatzalah volunteer. David also volunteers in the search and rescue division of Israelife.

Late one Friday afternoon David received a call about a man with a serious head injury. He rushed over to the address and found himself in his uncle’s apartment. His uncle has fallen off a tall ladder while trying to install a television antenna. He has hit his head on the kitchen countertop on his way down, suffering a very serious head injury that led him to go into traumatic cardiac arrest. David and the additional medics began CPR immediately. They then transferred his uncle to an ambulance and continued resuscitation efforts there. The medics tried intubating him three times before they succeeded and administered CPR for 40 minutes until they found a pulse. Once they were ready to transport his uncle to the hospital, David hopped out of the back of the ambulance to go sit in the front and found his family surrounding the ambulance praying for his uncle’s well-being.

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