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Ilan Ben Yosef

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Ilan Ben Yosef

Ilan lives in Jerusalem with his family and is an extremely dedicated volunteer. Ilan is a certified nurse and works in Shaare Zedek Medical Center. His entire life revolves around helping people, so becoming a United Hatzalah volunteer was a natural choice.

One day, Ilan was alerted to a bicycle accident. When he reached the scene, Ilan was met by an awful sight. A woman had been riding her bike when the front wheel hit a stone. She was jerked forward and the handlebars penetrated deep into her stomach. She was lying twisted into her bike, blood pouring from the wound, screaming in agony.

The experienced medic knew that to remove the handlebars from the wound could exacerbate the situation causing even more severe internal injury. He immediately called for the Fire Department extrication unit to cut the handlebars off the bike. It took almost 15 minutes for the rescue team to arrive, so meanwhile Ilan (together with another United Hatzalah medic) set up an IV line, ensured the woman didn’t move and most of all reassured her. Ilan called the woman’s husband to inform him of the accident and as soon as the rescue team did their work, the woman was rushed to a hospital for surgery.

Later that evening, Ilan was relieved to hear that the bars had missed vital organs by mere millimeters and that the woman was now out of danger. Her husband personally thanked the United Hatzalah volunteer for his prompt, professional and caring medical response and Ilan was pleased that he had once again made a real difference to someone else’s life.

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