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Itzik Pinchas

Responder Level: EMT

City: Kiryat Shmuel

About Itzik Pinchas

Itzik lives in Kiryat Shmuel with his wife and three children. He works in the defense technology department of the IDF. A person who is dedicated to the good of Israel and its citizens, Itzik began volunteering with the police force a few years ago. As he responded to emergencies in his role as a police volunteer, Itzik often felt frustrated that he had no medical knowledge or equipment. He would arrive at the scene of  road accidents and be unable to help the injured people. Seeing how quick and effective United Hatzalah volunteers were at getting to the scene and treating victims, Itzik decided that he also wanted to be an Angel in Orange and has now been volunteering for two years.


One day, Itzik received an alert regarding an elderly man who was having extreme difficulty breathing. Itzik arrived and  provided oxygen, but as they waited for the ambulance, the man’s condition was deteriorating slowly. When time the ambulance arrived ten minutes later, the old man had lost his pulse! Itzik and the ambulance crew immediately began CPR. They worked strenuously fighting to save his life, but after a concerted effort were forced to accept that the man’s heart had stopped for good. This incident made a big impact on Itzik. Had the ambulance arrived earlier and the man received treatment in the hospital in time, he may have lived. Realizing the tremendous importance of immediate medical care, Itzik is more dedicated than ever to his volunteer activities in United Hatzalah.

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