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Liat Gabai

Responder Level: EMT

City: Caesarea

About Liat Gabai

Liat works in a medical clinic lives in Caesarea and has recently joined United Hatzalah.  Her combined job and volunteer work keeps this devoted medic involved with helping people around the clock.  Unlike in the clinic, where one needs an appointment, Liat’s private day planner is open 24/7, with no previous booking necessary.  One call to United Hatzalah dispatch and Liat is out the door, racing to help a person in need.

It was just this aspect, “the anytime, anywhere, drop everything and run” approach of United Hatzalah that attracted Liat to begin her second career as a lifesaver.  One example of Liat’s activities was when she sped to the home a diabetic patient who was feeling very ill.  The worried daughter of the ill woman was greatly relieved by Liat’s rapid response and by the fact she knew Liat from the neighborhood.  Her stress further reduced when another United Hatzalah volunteer arrived. The two women took the vital signs of the semi-conscious patient and upon finding her blood sugar level very low, rapidly and proficiently administered glucogel. Within minutes the woman began coming around.  Shortly afterward, she regained full consciousness and in the end she did not even need to go to the hospital.

The woman’s daughter was not only grateful but deeply impressed.  The rapid response time, professional treatment and the fact that a United Hatzalah volunteer lived right here in her own neighborhood was simply astounding in her eyes.  So much so, that she asked Liat to inform her when the next United Hatzalah EMT course was opening up.  She too wanted to be a volunteer lifesaver!

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