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Moshe Yaffe

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Moshe Yaffe

Moshe works as lawyer and lives with his wife and two children in Jerusalem.  He is a giver by nature and has been volunteering for the local ambulance crew for many years.  His brother is one of the United Hatzalah’s earliest volunteers, however it was a chance meeting with Eli Beer that brought Moshe aboard.  The perceptive founder of United Hatzalah showed Moshe how natural it would be for a giving person like himself to volunteer for the organization.  Moshe agreed, and 18 months later, he realized how right Eli was.  Responding to medical emergencies 24/7 has not only added a totally new dimension to Moshe’s life but it has also has had a very positive impact on his family”.  In Moshe’s own words “They see that one should not live only for himself but also for others.”

Despite his myriad of emergency calls, Moshe has one story that left an impression on him above all others.  It was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and Moshe and his brother, Dr. Aryeh Yaffe, had just entered the synagogue for the morning service.  Minutes later they were alerted to a man who was not feeling well in a nearby synagogue. The two volunteer medics ran out of the synagogue, jumped on Aryeh’s ambucycle which was parked outside the synagogue and raced to the scene, arriving first on site.  They found the gentleman lying unconscious on the floor of the synagogue and the experienced medics quickly began CPR on the pulseless man.  While the volunteers fought feverishly to save the man’s life, the other worldly voices of the congregants rose all around them in a thundering crescendo “Remember us for life” as they continued with the High Holiday prayers with an intensity they had never known.  Thankfully, the resuscitation was successful.  Moshe and Aryeh went to visit the man in the hospital a few days later and were overjoyed to find the man fully conscious, talking and smiling.  Indeed, he had been inscribed in the Book of Life.

Moshe later found out that this CPR was the first successful resuscitation of the New Year anywhere in the country.  A few months later Moshe and his brother were the guests of honor at a Seudat Hoda’ah/festive meal of thanksgiving, where the man emotionally thanked Moshe and Aryeh for saving his life.  Aryeh enjoys being a lawyer.  Closing a deal or winning litigation is a great feeling, but there is nothing that compares with the joy and satisfaction that comes with saving a life.  Moshe blesses the day when he bumped into Eli Beer and his life and that of so many others were changed for the better.

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