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Tal Harari

Responder Level: EMT

City: Even Shmuel

About Tal Harari

Tal is a physical education teacher who lives with his wife and five children in Even Shmuel. He has been volunteering for three years in the Lachish/Kiryat Gat region.  He receives tremendous support from his children who appreciate the sacrifices that their father makes to volunteer with United Hatzalah of Israel.  Tal also received encouragement from his workmates as the following story demonstrates.

Tal had jumped out of his bed at midnight to answer a call regarding a woman with diabetes who was feeling ill.  Arriving in mere minutes, he found a listless woman who did not look well.  The experienced medic quickly took vital signs, and found that her blood sugar levels were dangerously low.  Tal swiftly administered gluco-gel to raise her blood sugar and carefully monitored her condition.  As they waited for the ambulance, he gently reassured the woman, as well as her children who had arrived to be with their mother.  The woman’s condition slowly stabilized.  When the intensive care ambulance finally arrived, Tal briefed the paramedic who then continued the glucose treatment as she was being transported to the hospital.

The next morning, Tal received a call from one of the teachers whom he works with, who emotionally thanked him for treating her mother last night.  She was almost crying as she explained how fragile her mother’s health is, and how Tal’s rapid midnight rescue had saved her mother’s life.

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