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Tina Berkowitz

Responder Level:  EMT

City: Ein Hod

About Tina Berkowitz


Tina is a mother of three and lives in Ein Hod.  Her dual professions, Naturopathic practioner and birthing coach, keep Tina in the constantly in the medical arena.  With her children grown up, she felt she wanted to give to others even when not on the job.  Volunteering with United Hatzalah was the perfect solution.  For the past two years, despite her busy professional schedule, Tina has been racing to a wide variety of medical emergencies 24/7/365.  In addition, she is always looking to increase her medical skills and is currently studying to become a paramedic as well.

This devoted volunteer’s goal is to be optimally trained and on call as much as humanly possible.  There are times when Tina will sleep in her clothes in order to be able to reach an ill or injured individual within 3 minutes.  One her many lifesaving stories occurred when she was enjoying herself at a local swimming pool.  A woman in the water gave a pained shout and closed her eyes.   Tina and the lifeguard were so fast that they grabbed the woman even before her head was under water.  The duo pulled the woman out of the pool and Tina quickly checked for pulse.  Finding none, medic-lifeguard team immediately began CPR.  Thankfully, the resuscitation was successful and the woman was transported to the hospital with a stable heartbeat.

It is moments like these that Tina trains for, and thrives on.  In her own words “A human life is too precious not to be saved and honored.”

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