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Tzachi Peled

Responder Level: EMT

City: Ramat Gan

About Tzachi Peled

Tzachi works in the field of tourism security, is a father of two and a resident of Ramat Gan.  One of his professional roles is providing security for foreign and local tour groups as they traverse the width and breadth of the land of Israel.  While being armed gives the travellers a sense of security, it does not help them in the least if they fall, faint or suffer any other physical ailment or injury.  Realizing this Tzachi took one of the first United Hatzalah EMT course in his region. Now, when Tzachi is the security officer assigned to a tour bus, the passengers have nothing to worry about.  This trained EMT and his medical kit are with them 24/7, ready to take care of any medical issue, be it big or small.

It was on such a tour during a nature hike, that a man suddenly felt very weak.  The experienced medic administered quickly checked vital signs, finding low blood pressure and an rapid heartbeat.  Tzachi proficiently diagnosed the problem as dehydration and immediately moved the man to the shade and began administering fluids with salt and sugar additives.  The medic carefully monitored the man’s condition and 20 minutes later his blood pressure and heartbeat were back to normal.  However, they were not out of the woods yet, as the man could not walk due to leg cramps.  This posed a formidable problem as they were in a deep valley and far from their tour bus.  Tzachi radioed for a special rescue unit and reassured the frightened gentleman as they waited.  When the rescue crew arrived, Tzachi assisted in the logistically complex operation.  The rather large man was tightly secured and using rappelling equipment, was slowly and safely pulled out of the valley.

This entire incident took over two hours.  Had this man not received immediate medical attention, this story might have ended very differently. Tzachi the medical security officer had once again made a real difference.

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