Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Yedidya Chazzan

Responder Level: EMT

City: Kiryat Ata

About Yedidya Chazzan

Yedidya is the co-owner of a chain of private day care and community centers, a father of 8, and a resident of Kiryat Ata.  He grew up in a home where giving was a way of life.  When his parents died at a relatively young age, Yedidya decided that he wanted to do something meaningful in their memory.  When he heard about United Hatzalah, he knew he had found the perfect fit.  As a way to perpetuate the giving they did in their lives, he would help to give life to others.  True to his decision, Yedidya became an EMT and has been volunteering for past 5 years.  He is currently the head of the United Hatzalah Asher district as well as its regional dispatcher.

Not long after he began volunteering, Yedidya received a call regarding an unconscious woman.  The rookie medic raced to the scene and began his very first CPR as a licensed EMT.  Thankfully, he succeeded in restoring the woman to the land of the living. It was a feeling he will never forget.  Yedidya occasionally sees the woman, now fully healthy, in his neighborhood. Her smile confirms to him what a good choice he made.  The merit he brings to his parents of blessed memory through his many lifesaving activities knows no bounds.

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