Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Ariel Matlon

Responder Level: EMT

City: Kochav Yaakov

About Ariel Matlon

Ariel is an administrator for the Binyamin Regional Council and lives with his wife and six children in Kochav Yaakov.  His original motivation for becoming an medical emergency responder was unique;  jealousy!  He was simply jealous of the tremendous merit of these amazing people who constantly ran to save lives. He adeptly solved this problem by becoming one of them. Today, he is a ten year veteran of United Hatzalah of Israel. He responds to calls across the spectrum of medical emergencies.  Ariel feels strongly that his volunteering has had an extremely positive influence on his family, teaching them the vital importance of helping others.

Being in the right place at the right time is a hallmark of United Hatzalah’s volunteer work. One day, Ariel was on his way to visit family in Jerusalem when he hit heavy traffic.  Concerned he would not find a parking spot anywhere near the family’s home, he called ahead and asked one of his sons to save a parking spot near the house.  When he finally arrived, the frustrated volunteer saw that the son had forgotten to do so.  Having no choice, he continued to the end of the road.

As he sat stuck in traffic, a woman suddenly emerged from the home right next to him screaming “Help! Help!”  Ariel called out “What’s the matter? I am a medic.” Crying and shaking, the woman told Ariel that her daughter had just fallen from their second story apartment.  Ariel leapt from the car, grabbed his medical kit, sprinted towards the girl and immediately began vital lifesaving treatment.  The experienced medic secured her airway, administered oxygen, and took vital signs.  Other medics swiftly arrived and immobilized the girl to prevent exacerbation of a suspected neck injury. Together, the team stabilized her condition and when the intensive care ambulance arrived, they transferred her to the vehicle for immediate transport to the nearest trauma center.

Ariel later heard that the hospital doctors told the girl’s parents that the initial on-site treatment definitely help save their daughter’s life.

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