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Shlomo Zenwirth

Responder Level: EMT

City: Modi'in Illit

About Shlomo Zenwirth

Shlomo is the head coordinator for a local bus company and he lives with his wife and four children in Modi’in Illit.  He entered the world of medical emergency response after witnessing emergencies and having no idea how to help. This feeling of helplessness was not something Shlomo wanted to feel again.  At the first opportunity he enrolled in a United Hatzalah EMT course and began volunteering.  Shlomo swiftly went from being helpless to helping countless people as an active volunteer medic, a role he has faithfully fulfilled for the past six years.

Shlomo has learned that being a United Hatzalah volunteer means being multifaceted.  Although most emergency calls require textbook treatment, there are times where other approaches are in order, as the following story illustrates.  A 20 year-old woman had been abused and the traumatized young woman refused to speak to any of the medical or security personnel present.  In her distressed state, the woman mistrusted all those trying to help her.  It was only Shlomo, with his sincere concern and gentle words, who managed to break through the hardened shell the woman was hiding behind.  She slowly opened up to Shlomo, who was then able to convince her to enter the ambulance and have herself checked at the hospital.

It was not a typical call, but it was classic Shlomo.  Doing whatever needs to be done to help another in their time of need and vulnerability.

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