Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Avishai Asulin

Responder Level: EMT

City: Kibbutz Yavne

About Avishai Asulin

Avishai is an avid swimmer, IDF veteran, and full time Torah scholar who lives with his wife and child on Kibbutz Yavne.  Avishai only recently began volunteering, but he already sees how his readiness to drop everything and run to save a life has been positively affecting his family and friends.  His dedication brings with it an atmosphere of giving and caring wherever he goes.

Most United Hatzalah volunteers received their emergency dispatches electronically through their walkie-talkie.  However, sometimes just being in the right place at the right time is all it takes to make the difference.  Such was the case when Avishai took his family to the nearby beach in Ashdod.  For some reason, there was no lifeguard at their regular beach so they walked down the coast a bit.  As they sat and watched the surfers, just getting their feet wet and enjoying the fresh air and ocean breeze, they suddenly heard panicked shouts coming from the ocean.  Avishai quickly scanned the horizon until he saw the distressed swimmer, franticly waving his arms while bobbing up and down.  Avishai dove into the water and swiftly swam towards the drowning young man.  Thankfully, he reached the teenager in time and safely pulled the boy to the shore.  Once on dry land, the medic thoroughly examined the youth to make sure he had not been harmed by the ordeal.

This was one of Avishai’s first lifesaving calls.  It was an auspicious start for the rookie medic and his already high motivation soared even higher.  Avishai is as ready as ever for the next time someone needs his help, anytime and anywhere.

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