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Ben Frey

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Ben Frey

Ben is a young volunteer with a long career ahead of him.  Even as a child, he was enamored with medical emergency response and, while still in high school, took his initial first aid course.  Not long after that, at age 16, a pivotal incident occurred in Ben’s life.  He had just finished taking high school matriculation exams and was on his way home when he suddenly heard panicked shouts of “Help! Help” coming from a nearby bus stop.  The youth sprinted towards the shouting and saw a young woman pointing to an elderly woman lying motionless on the ground.  Ben quickly checked her for a pulse and, finding none, immediately began CPR.  While performing chest compressions, Ben instructed the young woman to call an ambulance and wait by the adjacent main road to flag it down.  He then called over a soldier and instructed him how to perform CPR so they could alternate the strenuous chest compressions, thus greatly increasing the efficiency of the resuscitation effort.

Ben was eventually relieved by EMT’s and an ambulance crew.  However, the young man knew that those crucial first minutes that he had been “running the show” had brought vital oxygen to the woman’s brain and throughout her body.  He had given her the best chance at survival and recovery, as well as greatly mitigating the probability of brain damage.  The incident was a real eye-opening experience for the young aspiring medic.  He was all of 16 years-old, yet he had coolly and calmly directed a life saving effort, giving instructions to panicked people and to those who had no idea how to help.  Ben’s future career in lifesaving was assured that day.  Years later, Ben’s passion for helping others has remained steadfast. Like all of our volunteers, he is on call 24/7/365 and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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