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Tal Cooperstein

Responder Level: EMT

City: Holon

About Tal Cooperstein

Tal lives in Holon with his family and works as a security guard. He responds to many lifesaving calls on his United Hatzalah ambucycle, but one story in particular really sticks out.

He was at work when he received the urgent call, “Adult male, unconscious”.  At a nearby shopping mall, a man in his 50’s had suddenly collapsed directly into the arms of the mall security guard. Tal arrived within two minutes, alongside another United Hatzalah volunteer, and after a rapid examination the team began full CPR on the pulseless man. Working feverishly, they administered intense chest compressions, alternating ventilations, and shocks from their United Hatzalah defibrillator, in a valiant attempt to save the man’s life. After a full 50 minutes, their efforts paid off, and the man’s pulse returned.  They assisted transferring the man, with encouraging vital signs, to the ambulance which transported him the nearest hospital.

Now long afterwards, Tal received an ecstatic call from the paramedic from the ambulance, “Tal, you are not going to believe this.  A minute before we got to the hospital, the guy opened his eyes and said to us, “Where am I?  What am I doing here?” Tal, who knows that a full and lightening quick recovery like this is extremely rare, could only say, “Amazing, absolutely amazing!” Tal is used to getting great satisfaction from his volunteer work but this was a really special feeling!

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