Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Dani Goldman

Responder Level: EMT

City: Yokne'am Illit

About Dani Goldman

Dani works as a systems engineer for one of Israel’s largest defense systems manufacturers and lives with his wife and two children in Yokne’am Illit.  For many years Dani held a deep admiration for emergency medical responders and the work they do.  Finally, despite his demanding career and family responsibilities he “took the plunge,” and with the full encouragement of his wife, enrolled in a United Hatzalah EMT course.  Dani is one of United Hatzalah’s newest recruits, and although not a youngster, he has the enthusiasm and idealism of someone 20 years his junior.

In one of the first traffic accidents the rookie medic responded to, he received more experience than he bargained for.  There were 10 injured people and many suffering from shock and extreme anxiety.  Dani and the other medics began to triage and treat the victims, transferring them to the ambulances as they arrived.  The physical injuries were fairly straightforward, and the new medic proficiently applied the lessons he had recently learned during his course.  The psychological trauma, however, was a bit more complicated to deal with.  Some victims cried, while others pleaded for someone to tell them that this was all a bad dream.  Others actually behaved in a rude and inappropriate manner to the rescue personnel and police officers.  The mature and sensitive medic conjured up in his mind what these people had just gone through, the fear they had just experienced, in order to understand them and to be able to help them more effectively.  Dani gently spoke to the traumatized victims one by one, assuaging their fears and alleviating their anxieties.

The caring medic did not leave the scene until all the victims had received on-site treatment, be it physical or emotional, and were evacuated to a hospital.  It had been an incredible long hour (which seemed like three), but it reinforced Dani’s belief that there is nothing more important than being there for another human being when they need it most.

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