Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Reuven Kisayov

Responder Level: EMT

City: Rehovot

About Reuven Kisayov

Reuven is a father of two from Rehovot, who works as an ambulette driver, transporting disabled children to school and medical appointments. Reuven encounters many road accidents and is in daily contact with young passengers who often require medical intervention and encounters many road accidents in the course of his drives. Wanting to be able to offer medical treatment to those in his care, Reuven decided to enroll in and EMT training course and began volunteering with United Hatzalah in 2014. He has developed a passion for saving lives and responds to dozens of emergency calls each month.

On day,  Reuven was alerted to a panicked scene. A crying toddler was spotted in a parked car on a sweltering day and passersby were unable to release the locked doors. A bystander called United Hatzalah’s emergency line, and Reuven was dispatched to the scene, arriving in less than a minute. Knowing how rapidly the temperatures rise inside a locked car, and how quickly it can become fatal, Reuven lost no time in breaking a window and rescuing the two-year old. He checked her vitals and immediately ran an IV line to replenish vital fluids to the overheated, sweaty little body. Reuven’s swift and professional treatment saved a life, granting this toddler a future. “I shudder when I think how close this sweet little girl was to becoming a statistic on the child vehicular heatstroke death report,” shares Reuven.

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