Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Roey Sha’ar

Responder Level: EMT

City: Halamish

About Roey Sha’ar

Roey lives with his wife and seven children in Halamish where he works as an educational coordinator in the local school system.  In addition to his many work and family responsibilities, Roey is an active United Hatzalah volunteer in the Binyamin region. He has been involved with emergency medical response work since his teens, when he volunteered with the local ambulance service. Roey recalled a story from those days which influenced his decision to become an EMT. “A woman screamed for a doctor as her child had passed out, and I ran to do whatever I could.  Despite my limited knowledge, my efforts were successful and the baby regained consciousness. Ever since then, I always knew that I wanted to be a full-fledged EMT.”

For the past three years, Roey has been responding to a wide variety of medical emergencies 24/7 as a volunteer medic.  One small example of his lifesaving activities was when he received an alert regarding an individual suffering from hypoglycemia.  Knowing the potential danger of this condition if not treated quickly, Roey sped to the scene.  Just as he arrived at the address, the call was cancelled.  Nevertheless, the caring medic followed his instinct and entered the home, finding an elderly man sprawled on the floor unconscious.  A family member explained that the he had already given the man the prescribed dose of glucogel, insisting that he would wake up soon.  The cautious medic nevertheless took the man’s vital signs.  Although the man’s blood sugar level was indeed close to normal, he discovered the man had an irregular heartbeat.  Roey immediately radioed for an intensive care ambulance and carefully monitored the man’s condition until the ambulance arrived.  It turned out that in addition to his diabetes, the man had serious heart problems and was in need of immediate emergency treatment.  As the ambulance paramedic sedated the man for urgent transport to the hospital, he told Roey that his actions had saved the man’s life.

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