Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Dr. Adam Balin

Responder Level: Physician

City: Jerusalem

About Dr. Adam Balin

Dr. Adam Ballin was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He studied medicine at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He has worked as a medical officer for New South Wales Health in Sydney. He was elected Junior Medical Officer Representative for State Training Network 2, representing trainee doctors at the NSW Ministry of Health. He also served on Hospital Executive committees including the Network Training Committee, General Clinical Training Committee, and the Bankstown Hospital Clinical Council. After passing the US medical licensing exams, he and his wife pursued their aliyah dream and moved to Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Ballin has spent 2 years in Hadassah University Medical Centre, Jerusalem, and is currently completing his final year of specialty training in Family Medicine through Maccabi Health Services, Israel’s leading health fund. He also gives his time voluntarily as an Advanced Life Support Ambulance Responder, on-call Medical Control Physician.

Dr. Ballin is also a senior medical adviser and founding member of Trauma and Crisis Response Unit and an active Physician first responder for United Hatzalah. Adam lives with his wife, Miriam and their 5 children in Jerusalem.

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