Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Maimon Buskila

Responder Level: EMT

City: Migdal HaEmek

About Maimon Buskila

Maimon is a resident of Migdal HaEmek and a retired IDF career officer.  After spending decades contributing to the security of the citizens of Israel, he felt a need to keep on contributing.  Maimon found United Hatzalah to be the perfect match.  In his army years he helped society at large, while in his volunteer work with United Hatzalah, he helps the individual, and he finds the change refreshing and invigorating. When Maimon began volunteering two years ago, he was a bit older than most of the new recruits, but not a bit less enthusiastic or gung ho than his younger colleagues. His wife, children and grandchildren are all very proud of their family patriarch and support him wholeheartedly in all of his lifesaving activities.

Maimon currently spends his days running self-defense courses/programs for the local youth, volunteering at a neighborhood health clinic and responding to medical emergencies with United Hatzalah.  He tends to people of all ages but gets special satisfaction from treating children and the elderly, such as the time he was alerted to an unconscious 92 year-old man. When he received the call, Maimon dropped everything and raced to the scene. His rapid arrival and commencement of CPR, insured that the patient’s brain received essential oxygen with minimal time of deprivation. Maimon was joined by other volunteers and they successfully restored the man’s pulse before he was rushed to the hospital for further emergency treatment.

Maimon loves what he does and he actively encourages people who have the ability to join the ranks of United Hatzalah in any capacity, to do so.

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