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Amatzia Masuri

Responder Level: Physiotherapist

City: Sderot

About Amatzia Masuri

Amatzia is a physiotherapist, a father of three, and resident of Sderot.  Although he works in the medical field all day, Amatzia was looking for another activity, something with real meaning, that he could do outside of his work hours. With Sderot often on the front lines he knew that every second could be critical in cases of emergency. He saw an advert for a United Hatzalah EMT course and realized this was just what he was looking for.  Since becoming a United Hatzalah medic, Amatzia’s life revolves around helping people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Whether easing their pain on the job, or responding to a host of medical emergencies as a volunteer medic, Amatzia has attained the enviable role of a selfless giver, helping people wherever and wherever needed.  His family is totally supportive and very proud of their altruistic father.

While Amatzia is the first to run out during missile attacks to help when everyone else is huddled in bomb shelters, it is still mundane medical events that are his bread and butter. One small example of Amaztia’s giving was when he responded to a call regarding an elderly woman who had fallen in her home.  He arrived with a United Hatzalah trainee, and they found the woman on the floor. They quickly examined her and engaged her in conversation to assess her cognitive awareness. An ambulance crew arrived and Amatzia recommended to the woman, who lived alone and had no children, that although her vital signs were within normal parameters, it would be prudent to go to the hospital for tests and observation.  However, when the women heard that the ambulance ride comes with a hefty bill, she adamantly refused to go and  5 minutes later, the ambulance crew left the scene.  Amatzia and his colleague gently helped the woman into bed and asked her what they could do for her.  Amatzia assisted her to walk to and from the bathroom, and brought to her bedside the various items that she needed, such as her phone, water bottle and clothing.  After double checking her vital signs, Amatzia “tucked the woman into bed” and wished her a good night.  The next morning he called her and was very happy to hear that she was feeling much better.

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