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Marc Romain

Responder Level: Dr. and ambulance driver

City: Jerusalem

About Marc Romain

Marc is an intensive care ambulance doctor with Hadassah Medical Center and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and three children.  About a year and a half ago, during the wave of stabbing terror attacks in Jerusalem and throughout country, Mark was busy on the job.  However, he still felt that he could do more.  Having had vast contact with United Hatzalah volunteers in the field, Marc realized that by becoming one himself, he could maximally use his medical skills and help people even when he was off duty.  He signed up with United Hatzalah and in his own words, “there is no comparison between helping people as part of one’s job and helping them as a volunteer.  My partnership with United Hatzalah is deeply rewarding.”

Marc was on his way to the synagogue on Shabbat when he received a call, just up the street from him.  Within seconds, he was on the scene to help a 34 year-old man with severe shoulder pains.  Another United Hatzalah volunteer arrived with a medical kit and Marc carefully examined the man. The veteran doctor realized that the man did not have a shoulder problem but rather a severe lung infection. Marc administered oxygen and reassured the gentleman.  When the ambulance arrived, he briefed them with his diagnosis, thus ensuring the man would receive the proper treatment in the hospital without delay.  The man completely recovered and is grateful to Marc til this day.

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