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Michael Gruskot

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Michael Gruskot

Michael works as a graphic artist, lives with his wife and three children in Jerusalem and has been volunteering for United Hatzalah for almost four years.  Michael’s impetus to become a lifesaver came about during the second intifada, when he was present at a number of terror attacks but had no idea how to help the victims.  These traumatic incidents spurred Michael to learn medical emergency response.  Today, Michael is an incredibly active volunteer, with his residence in downtown Jerusalem making him a strategic asset to United Hatzalah’s lifesaving efforts.  His family is very supportive, despite his frequent running out of the home and occasional loss of quality time with his children.

One example of Michael’s thousands of emergency responses occurred as he was enjoying a Shabbat meal with his family.  He received an alert regarding an elderly person feeling weak, just one block away.  With a quick “gotta run” to his wife and kids, Michael grabbed his medical kit and ran to the nearby address, arriving in less than two minutes!  He was the first medial responder on scene and he found a frantic woman beside her elderly husband, who sat silently in his chair, his face drooping on one side.  The experienced medic immediately suspected a stroke and administered high-flow oxygen and took vital signs.  While they waited for the ambulance, Michael carefully monitored the man’s condition and reassured both him and his near hysterical wife.  Michael briefed the ambulance crew and the man was evacuated to the hospital without delay.

Two days later, the man’s wife knocked on my front door.  She explained that she had come to deliver an important message from the doctor at the hospital who treated her husband.  “Please tell the EMT who provided your husband with oxygen during those critical moments when he was suffering his stroke, that he has saved your husband’s life,” she relayed to him.  She then emotionally offered her own message of deep gratitude.  The caring medic kept in touch with the family and received updates on the man’s progress. Today the man is fully functional, has gone back to work, and is not suffering from any lasting effects of his stroke.

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