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Miki Cohen

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Miki Cohen

Miki Cohen is  the team leader of United Hatzalah’s Jerusalem region, where he oversees the activities of several hundred volunteers.  Married with 6 children, Miki works in the transportation department of Aleh, a large educational and medical institution for children with developmental disabilities.  Miki’s 10 years of volunteering has brought him to countless medical emergencies, both in his workplace and in the field.

One sunny afternoon, Miki was alerted to an emergency in a nearby park. The dedicated volunteer raced to arrive first on scene. A frantic woman gestured to him, but Miki had already seen the unconscious little boy lying on the ground.  The young child had fallen and sustained a serious head wound. He was bleeding heavily and his breathing was labored. The experienced medic quickly stopped the bleeding, bandaged the wound and administered high-flow oxygen. The child began to breathe normally and started to come around. By the time the ambulance arrived, the little boy had regained full consciousness and the now stable patient was transported to the hospital without delay.

Miki’s passion for helping people has made him a father figure to many of the Jerusalem volunteers. His good counsel and cheer are a staple at all United Hatzalah team gatherings. 

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