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Shimon Rosinger

Responder Level: EMT

City: Hadera

About Shimon Rosinger

Shimon, one of United Hatzalah’s newest volunteers, is a father of two from Hadera, a city near Haifa in northern Israel. As a sales manager for a small manufacturing company, Shimon spends much of his day on the road and has witnessed many car accidents. Frustrated and saddened by his powerlessness to help the wounded, and realizing his unique position to treat accident victims along Israel’s main traffic arteries, Shimon enlisted to United Hatzalah’s EMT course offered in his home town, joining the volunteers corps immediately upon graduation.

Responding to a recent emergency, Shimon arrived to find a middle-aged man experiencing a severe bout of weakness. Tapping into his newfound medical knowledge, Shimon realized that the weakness may be cardiac in origin. His concern proved to be correct when the patient’s vitals registered worrying numbers. Without wasting a second Shimon administered oxygen and aspirin, giving the man’s failing heart what it needed to survive until he reached the hospital for definitive treatment.

Shimon is immensely grateful to United Hatzalah for granting him the opportunity to really make a difference. “I am now a part of a family that includes 3,500 unbelievable people who give their all to save lives,” says Shimon. “I am proud to belong!”

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