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Yaakov Loberbaum

Responder Level: EMT

City: Shomria

About Yaakov Loberbaum

Yaakov is a school teacher and first aid instructor who lives with his wife and four children in Shomria.  In addition to racing out of the home, workplace and supermarket to respond to medical emergencies, Yaakov has become the address for all medical issues in his neighborhood, be they big or small.  His family is very supportive and Yaakov feels it is beneficial that his children see their father as someone who always wants to help others. In fact Yaakov’s children love to dress up and act as emergency responders, saving the lives of their virtual victims.

Yaakov himself receives great satisfaction from his volunteer work, as illustrated by the following story:

One evening while driving home, the car in front of him lost control and flipped over.  Two Bedouin children were trapped inside and Yaakov immediately radioed for help. Another medic quickly arrived and together they managed to upright the vehicle and extricate the terrified children.  The medical duo quickly treated their external wounds and thoroughly examined them for internal injuries, comforting the shaken children as they worked.  Thanks to the efforts of Yaakov and his colleague, the children were evacuated to the hospital the moment the ambulance arrived.

A month later, Yaakov was in the supermarket when a Bedouin worker approached him with a big smile on his face. The man shook Yaakov’s hand and gave him a big hug. Only then did he explain that he was at the scene when Yaakov saved the two youngsters in the overturned car.  He related that the children were from his village. The worker became emotional as he told Yaakov how impressed he was with the professional treatment and caring manner with which they had treated the children.  From that time on, whenever Yaakov shops at that store, he can’t leave without being blessed anew by the very grateful worker.

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