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Yisrael Revivo

Responder Level: EMT

City: Kiryat Ata

About Yisrael Revivo

Yisrael is a Kashrut supervisor as well as the owner of a laundromat.  He lives with his wife and 4 children in Kiryat Ata and volunteers in the Carmel region.  Yisrael entered the world of lifesaving as a result of his volunteer work with the local police department.  Often, he would arrive at the scene of terror attacks or car accidents where the victims needed dire medical attention, but he lacked the training of how to treat them.  Yisrael came to the conclusion that saving lives should be his first priority.  He enrolled in a United Hatzalah EMT course and has been a volunteer medic for the past 7 years.

The following story is one Yisrael cannot forget.  He was in the synagogue on a Friday night and the Hazzan had just finished Lecha Dodi.  Suddenly, Yisrael’s walkie-talkie alerted him a collapsed individual in the synagogue next door.  The stunned worshippers watched him race out the door, and after grabbing his medical kit from his car, the astonished worshippers of the other synagogue watched him race in the door, barely a minute after the man had collapsed.  The experienced medic immediately began CPR on the pulseless man, as the worshippers recited Psalms for the recovery of their friend in the background.  Yisrael quickly removed his defibrillator and applied the pads to the man’s bare chest. A shock was immediately advised. The medic stood back, Yisrael pressed the flashing button and the man’s body jerked as electricity coursed through him. Immediately afterwards, a pulse returned! A minute later it was Yisrael’s turn to be stunned, as the patient suddenly woke up and said he wanted to go home. Instead, Yisrael explained to the gentleman what had just occurred, and convinced him that he must go to the hospital for further testing and follow-up treatment.

Whenever he sees this gentleman in his neighborhood, Yisrael receives a dose of rejuvenation and motivation for his lifesaving activities.

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