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Eliezer Grosz

Responder Level: EMT

City: Modiin Eilit

About Eliezer Grosz

Eliezer, his wife Vardit and their three children live in Modiin Eilit. Eliezer started volunteering so that he could help people in a real way. His whole family is very supportive of his volunteer work and when his walkie-talkie buzzes, his eldest son calls out: “Abba, Abba, you’ve got a call, run, go, I’ll help Ima and look after the kids!” They all realize how important Eliezer role is to their community.


One of the calls that stands out to Eliezer happened over Shabbat. Eliezer was alerted to a child who had fainted. He rushed to the scene in 30 seconds and found the child unconscious. He performed CPR, which was thank G-d successful, and today, half a year later, the child is alive and well. Every time Eliezer see him, he thinks, “That’s my child.” There is nothing quite like that feeling.


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