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Ibrahim Riyan

Responder Level: EMT

City: Kfar Bara

About Ibrahim Riyan

Ibrahim Riyan is a recent recruit to United Hatzalah from the Arab-Israeli village of Kfar Bara. Ibrahim is a natural giver. He volunteers in several community organizations in his home village, collecting money for charity, distributing food packages to the needy, and counseling boys at the local youth club to stay in school and out of trouble. Ibrahim was trained as a medic and worked for a number of years as an ambulance driver. However, when he decided to switch careers and become a semi-trailer driver to improve his income, he came to United Hatzalah to volunteer as an EMT so that he could continue to serve his Arab-Israeli community.


“This time I fell into an organization that changed my life,” says Ibrahim . “I love this organization because everyone is like family. Both Jews and Arabs, give with all their heart. Everyone in my village is proud of me; they come to me whenever someone isn’t feeling well because they believe in me. I have even talked some of my family member into taking the volunteer EMT course!”


Ibrahim  recalls an emergency he responded to where a 17-year old boy was severely injured in a car accident. “It was the hardest resuscitation I ever did. Finally, after a half hour, I got the pulse and blood pressure back, and sent him to the hospital – I felt like a hero!”

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