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Shashi Gerbi

Responder Level: EMT

City: Moshav Zeitan

About Shashi Gerbi

Shashi is a project manager for an internet company and lives with his wife and child in Moshav Zeitan.  His daily commute to work brings him right past Ben Gurion airport, putting him in a very strategic location, due to the many accidents on this busy stretch of highway.  In addition, his friends and neighbors on his small Moshav know that Shashi’s home is the address for medical emergencies, large or small, no what matter what time of the day or night.

One day, Shashi was alerted to an unconscious man in a nearby old-age home.  Dropping everything, he sped to the address and immediately joined two medics who had just begun to perform CPR on a pulseless 90 year-old man.  The team performed strenuous chest compressions and systematic ventilations, as they valiantly fought to save the man’s life.  Thankfully, they succeeded in restoring the man’s pulse and he was rushed to the hospital in a serious but stable condition.  To Shashi, each person he treats is a world unto himself and after the ambulance pulled away, Shashi asked the staff to tell him a bit about the man.  Although they did not have much information to offer, they knew he was a Holocaust survivor.  Shashi was humbled to have had the privilege to give more life and hope to someone who had experienced so much death and despair.  It is incidents like this that keeps this devoted volunteer going, day in and day out.

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