Adopt a United Hatzalah Medic

Yossi Tossig

Responder Level: EMT

City: Jerusalem

About Yossi Tossig

Yossi works in manpower for a large supermarket chain and owns an eyeglass store.  He is married with four children and has been volunteering in the Jerusalem and Petach Tivka regions for the past five years.  Yossi’s passion for lifesaving was kindled years ago, when as a young man with 14 siblings, his mother, who suffers from diabetes, fell in her home.  None of the children, Yossi included, knew how to help her. It was only the rapid arrival and professional treatment of a United Hatzalah volunteer that had saved the day.  The scene was deeply etched into Yossi’s memory, and when a United Hatzalah EMT course in Petach Tikva opened up, Yossi was in the first graduating class.

Not long after Yossi had finished his EMT course, he received an urgent alert about a choking infant. Dropping everything he raced to the address, arriving in under two minutes!  Yossi was the first medical responder on scene and the mother immediately thrust her unconscious child into his hands. The child’s heart was still beating but his ominous blue complexion forewarned that it could not hold out much longer without oxygen.  Yossi positioned the child and administered two sharp back blows.  Instantly, a marble shot out of the baby’s mouth.  The infant breathed in the precious air and moments later regained consciousness.  The mother burst into tears of joy.  The new medic had been nervous about taking the call, but Yossi now knew that his life saving career had indeed begun.

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